How to measure your wall

Our wallpaper is 90cm wide. Each panel is identical, and matches up when hung next to each other meaning you have no pattern repeat wastage.

The height of the panels varies, and are available in 3 height measurements:

250cm (2.5m)275cm (2.7m)300cm (3m)When measuring your wall you will need to work out how many panels you require.

If your wall is 4.3m wide, and 2.6m tall, you will need 5 panels of 270cm.

Please contact us if you are unsure of how to measure and order, we're here to help!

How to hang your wallpaper

Our wallpaper is printed onto 90cm wide panels, each panel is identical. 

The height of the wallpaper panels are available in incremental sizes from 250cm (2.5m) / 275cm (2.75m) and 300cm (3m).

Please ensure you have measured your wall correctly. Include any doors or windows in your measurements, however you can exclude coving and skirting. Please allow a 5cm tolerance as in our opinion no wall is straight!

When hanging, paste the underside of the wallpaper, and paste the wall, spray the wall with a little excess water if it's very dry. 

Always start left to right, and hang your first panel into the top left hand corner of your wall. 

Hang the next panel alongside and overlap by approx 1cm. You will see that the print matches up when overlapped slightly. 

Using a sharp blade or scalpel, cut through the middle of the overlap, ensuring that you cut through both panels. Remove the excess strips and use a wallpaper roller to smooth the joins. You will be left with a seamless finish.